Washing Away

愛丁堡科學節 Edinburgh Science Festival, ECCI, 愛丁堡 Edinburgh, 英國 UK, 2020 (取消 cancelled)

非敘事短片 Non-narrative video, 4m25s

以馬克白夫人的台詞為線引,《Washing Away》這支影片揭示了「清洗」的三個隱喻。無論是日常生活中,人們為了去除髒污而採取的行為。或是是常見於強迫症患者之間,為了確保身體維持絕對「乾淨」而不斷清洗,近乎於儀式性的潛意識行為。還是指「藝術清洗」,如何將藝術用於財產的剝奪,流離失所以及最終的社會清洗。



The video, with the lines of Lady Macbeth, shows the three metaphors of ‘washing’. First, it is a common act to remove dirtiness. Washing hands is also a behaviour that OCD patients usually do under the subconscious to confirm their body is absolutely clean.


Artwashing, the third association of the ideas, specifically refers to how art is used for dispossession, displacement and, ultimately, social cleansing. Although the extended meanings of washing are more abstract than the original act, the fundamental function of washing out dirt or stigma can still be regarded as the same.

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