解憂之途 The Path of De-Anxiety

​英國愛丁堡 Edinburgh, UK, 2020

​行為 Performance

2020年,人類的身心在封城期間遭遇到了攸關生存的巨大困難。 然而,世界是由動態性所構成,因此適應了所有困難與衝突,重新回歸和諧,賦予了原始生命更多的意義。 (約翰杜威,2009 )


在《解憂之途》實踐中,我的「焦慮」被量化為 4 小時,即從愛丁堡市中心步行到北方格蘭頓海灘的這段時間。另一方面,如果距離是用以計算焦慮的單位,那麼它便能綿延將近 14 公里。最後似乎什麼都沒有改變。然而,一切都變了。

During the 2020 lockdown, human beings all encountered tremendous difficulty surviving both physically and mentally. However, the world is made out of interactions in ways of adapting all the difficulties and conflicts and turning into harmony again, which gives further meaning to original life. (John Dewey, 2009)


In the practice, The Path of De-anxiety, my anxiety is quantified to 4 hours, that is the time to walk from Edinburgh city toward a private beach in Granton. If the distance is the unit of anxiety, then anxiety can actually stretch for nearly 14 kilometres. It seems that nothing changed in the end, yet, everything changed.