The (missing) Anthropocene

By Leaves We Live, Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK, 2019

Digital photography, 119.2 × 84.2 cm

"The Anthropocene is here." *

This series of experiments is done as a symbol of human beings’ active intervention in nature. People have been spending a lot of time sitting in conference rooms and talking about the idea of ‘Anthropocene’, the purpose of the experiments is letting Nature participates in the discussion from Her own perspective.

The paper is written down a paragraph from the introduction of “On the Importance of a Date, or Decolonizing the Anthropocene” (Heather Davis, Zoe Todd, 2017), and placed in the Johnston Terrace Wildlife Reserve. 

*On the Importance of a Date, or Decolonizing the Anthropocene

Heather Davis, Zoe Todd (2017)



missing Anthropocene.jpg
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