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Smoking is not the Aim

​英國愛丁堡 Edinburgh, UK, 2020

非敘事短片 Narrative video, 2m51s

《Smoking is not the Aim》這支影片中,可以看見「時間」雖然是線性發展,但「意義」卻不是。當香煙被點燃的那一刻,在吸氣和呼氣之間,香菸上的詞句會縮短,而其含義也會漸漸地改變。



The video shows that time develops linearly though, the change of meaning does not. The moment when the cigarette is alight, the words will shorten between inhale and exhale, and the meaning will change. Audiences witness and are involved in the process through the video recording, they will be able to interpret the lyrics printed on the rolling paper in various ways. The experience contains multiple possibilities of random triggering, which, perhaps, can be seen in the dynamic meaning of a shortening sentence.

影片|Full Film

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