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Water is the most essential element that provides a suitable environment for human beings to survive on the-one-and-the-only planet called Earth. It breeds every single living for billions of years, and shapes human’s live. On the other hand, Human have changed the shape the water as well. The most famous Canadian photographer, Edward Burtynsky, and director Jennifer Baichwal teamed up to record various water looks around the world for eight years, tracking the interactions between water and human beings. Watermark shows the magnificent landscapes to the audiences, also revealing the core of the environment problems which people tend to ignore from time to time.

水,是地球之所以適合人類生存的重要元素,數億年來孕育一切生命,形塑人們的生活;另一方面,人類也以各種方式改變水的面貌。加拿大最著名的攝影師Edward Burtynsky和導演Jennifer Baichwal聯手,八年間走遍世界各處,紀錄水與人類互動的軌跡。在紀錄片《Watermark》中,觀眾可以看見壯麗的自然地景,也揭露了我們常常視若不見的 環境問題核心。

Under Edward Burtynsky’s lens, Mother Nature shows her gigantic power without saying a word. We people try to interfere and leave obvious effects with fear, with collaboration, and sometimes, with resistance. We get a glimpse of what it looks like when drought in the Colorado Delta of Mexico gradually spread; when the Xiluodu, the biggest arch dam in the world built on the Jinsha River in China; when 30 million people bathe in the Ganges at the same time for the once-every-three-years Maha Kumbh Mela religious pilgrimage. We just cannot live without water, no matter physical, mental, or even higher level of needs.

在Edward Burtynsky的鏡頭下,大自然一言不發而展現驚人力量。人類的介入有時是敬畏、有時是共存、有時是抵抗,並且留下了巨大影響。墨西哥科羅拉多三角洲的乾旱逐年蔓延;世界上最大的雙曲拱壩「洛渡水電站」建於中國金沙江之上;印度恆河上三千萬人朝聖沐浴的宗教儀式等,人們的生活跟「水」息息相關,無論是生理的、心理的或是更高層級的需求。

If people feel uncomfortable after watching this documentary, then we should probably think about what we can do? –After all, these discomforts will not disappear. They are real.

看過《Watermark 》後,如果人們會對其中任何一幕感到不安,那麼我們應該想想:我們能做什麼呢?——畢竟,這些不安並不會隨著紀錄片的結束而消失,它們是真實存在在我們的生活中。

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