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Claire Barclay is an artist who lives and works in Glasgow, and presented her well-known abstract prints and installation artworks in Sculpture Court of the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA). Claire took up the residency at ECA since 2018, then engaged a series of workshops with students to conduct various interesting experiments and dialogues in art creations. “Skiffing” is the best collection of her residency in ECA, which has a united colour palette: white, black and washed-out pink, exploring the association between objects and symbols, and subtly reflects the hall.

來自 Glasgow 的藝術家 Claire Barclay 在愛丁堡藝術學院(ECA)的雕塑廣場展出其系列作品《Skiffing》——她最為人所熟知的抽象版畫與環境藝術作品。Claire 在任職於 ECA 後,開啟了一系列工作坊,與學生進行各種有趣的作品實驗與對話,《Skiffing》正是她駐校期間的最佳寫照,展覽中有著統一的視覺效果:白色、黑色與褪色的粉紅色,反覆探索物體與符號的關聯,並與展廳相互呼應。

There are similar texts in Claire’s artworks: geometric figures, letters, lines, and scratches. These scratches are especially like the handwritings of the artist, which are almost deliberately added, trying to incorporate the artist’s personality into the work. ‘Mouth Shapes’ is a representative example arranging letters in bold, newspaper-like prints, seemingly disorderly but poetic. The viewers can more clearly find the lines in another work, ‘Under Over’, which cleverly transforms the 3D mesh touch into an 2D abstract print. People can feel the unique fluidity from every subtle physical difference in Claire’s work.

Claire 的作品裡也時常存在著相似的文本:幾何圖形、字母、線條,還有擦痕,這些擦痕像是在印刷過程中特意加上去的筆跡,把藝術家的個性揉合到作品中,〈Mouth Shapes〉就是一個很好的例子,以報紙般大膽的印刷字體排列字母,看似無序卻富有詩意。另一件作品〈Under Over〉則更清楚地看見藝術家所展示的紋路,將立體的網狀觸感巧妙地轉化成抽象的平面印刷作品。觀眾可以從作品中的每個細微的物理差異,感受到獨特的流動性。

Skiffing | Claire Barclay Time: 7-11 October 2019 Location: Sculpture Court (Edinburgh College of Art)

More Information about the Artist: https://www.clairebarclay.net/

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