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Real Music | Samson Young

Samson Young, a famous Hong Kong sound artist, currently presents his first solo exhibition “Real Music” in the Talbot Rice Gallery in the UK. Samson had been trained in classical music composition, and tried to combine his artwork with digital composition, which is such an experimental concept. The new artwork "Possible Music #2" is in collaboration with Next Generation Sound Synthesis (*NESS) of the University of Edinburgh to simulate sounds through digital programs. What is interesting is that these sounds have disappeared or does not exist in reality, such as the sounds of a bugle which was activated by a dragon.

香港聲音藝術家Samson Young 首場在英國的個展《Real Music》,目前正在Talbot Rice Gallery展出。Samson受過正統音樂訓練,作品結合數位作曲,相當具有實驗性。本次展出中的新作〈Possible Music #2〉更是和和愛丁堡大學團隊Next Generation Sound Synthesis(*NESS)合作,透過數位程式來模擬已經消失、或現實中不可能存在的聲音,例如:一隻噴火龍吹響號角的聲音。

In another video work “Muted Situations #22: Muted Tchaikovsky 5th”, the audience can "see" a symphony orchestra performing Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony. However, from the twelve-channel devices, the sounds we hear are likely "muted"; for instance, the rustling of the strings, the trivial sounds of the musicians when they make their move, and of course the breathing sounds. Responding to what Samson says, “Being silent is not the same as doing nothing.” The audiences must pay more concentration on imaging the melody, which is absolutely a hundred times harder than doing nothing.

在另一件錄像作品〈Muted Situation #22: Muted Tchaikovsky〉中,觀眾可以「看見」一支交響樂團完整地演奏出柴可夫斯基的第五交響曲,然而,從十二聲道裝置發出的卻是經過「靜音」處理的聲音,能聽見的只有琴弦摩擦的沙沙聲、音樂家們動作間瑣碎的聲響,還有呼吸聲。呼應著Samson Young所說「靜音與什麼都不做是不一樣的。」觀眾必須比平時更集中精神,共同想像著一首美妙的交響樂曲,這比起什麼都不做還要細緻百倍。

"Real Music" challenges the "authenticity" of music, sculpture and culture, through real and imaginary, stimulating our senses and making us to rethink: What is the real music?

《Real Music》挑戰了音樂、雕塑與文化的本真性(authenticity),穿過真實與假想,刺激我們近乎遲緩的感官,並且重新開始思考:什麼是真正的音樂?

Real Music|Samson Young Time: till 2019.10.05 Place: Talbot Rice Gallery

More Information: https://www.trg.ed.ac.uk/ http://www.ness.music.ed.ac.uk/

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