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Now | Anya Gallaccio


NOW is a three-year-exhibition of contemporary art in the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. The fifth artist in the series is Anya Gallaccio, one of the representatives of British contemporary artists, who was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2003. She often uses food or plants to create artwork, such as flowers, chocolate, apples, salt or water. One characteristic of these organic materials is that, there would be unpredictable changes in their scent or shape over time, like decay, wither or disappear.

蘇格蘭國立現代藝術美術館目前正在展出 NOW 系列展覽,這回的焦點藝術家是Anya Gallaccio,她是英國當代藝術家的代表人物之一,曾被提名2003年的Turner Prize。她經常用玫瑰花、巧克力、蘋果、食鹽或水等食材或植物來創作。這些有機媒材的特色在於,無論是氣味或型態,都會隨著時間的推移而產生不可預期的變化——腐爛、枯萎或消失。

Gallaccio's works are usually "temporary", which means the state of artworks won’t last forever. Whenever viewers watch exact the same piece of work, there would be some differences more or less. Time is the key factor. For example, "Red on Green" was initially a large amount of bright red roses, then gradually withered as time went by. These roses now become deep purple, yet have not reached the end. The artist tried to discuss the relationship between "time" and "life" by the material itself and how it changes. It is simple and intriguing, recommend to everyone!

因此,Gallaccio的作品通常很「臨時」,觀眾在不同時間觀看同一件作品,效果就會截然不同,時間成為了影響作品呈現的關鍵因素。比方說〈Red on Green〉起初是一地鮮紅美艷的玫瑰花,然後逐漸凋零枯萎,呈現深紫色(我想這還不是作品的終點)。藉由材料本身與其變化來討論「時間」與「生命」之間的關係,既簡單又耐人尋味,推薦給大家!

| Now | Time: until 2019.09.22, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Place: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art More Information: https://www.nationalgalleries.org/…/now-charles-avery-aurel…

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