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(n)ever-changing | David Williams

David Williams's photographic work "Cedar Tree, Tofuku-Ji Zen Temple" is now exhibited in the Citadel Bookstore, showing the peace of the work itself - the concept of "Zen" . There are eight photographs in the series, yet there are three of them displayed in the bookstore. David recorded a cedar tree of the Tofuku-Ji Zen Temple garden from one particular angle but different times in a day, showing intriguing relationship between trunk and environment, light and shadow.

一走進Citadel書店,David Williams的攝影作品《Cedar Tree, Tofuku-Ji Zen Temple》就在書店的角落展出,默默不張揚,恰呈現出與作品本身一致的平靜感——「禪」之意境。《Cedar Tree, Tofuku-Ji Zen Temple》系列共有八幅(書店裡展出其中之三),David用鏡頭紀錄了東福寺庭園中的一棵雪松,呈現同一個角度、不同時間下,樹幹與光影環境之間有趣的消長與對比。

Tofuku-Ji Zen Temple is a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan. The garden of the temple was designed by a famous landscape architect Mirei Shigemori in 1930s, according to the Buddhist Dhamma "Eight Deeds", which is one of the representative modern Zen gardens. (Meanwhile, the temple is also the scene of Detective Conan "Crossroad in the Ancient Capital"!)


The Zen of David's work comes from its subject and is also related to the technique. Each piece consists of three sections: the main picture in the middle and the other two sides of picture which are separated and misplaced from the main picture. The left picture is the right side of the main picture, and the right picture is the left side of the main picture. In addition to capturing the moment, the photographer also let the audience feel the flow of time through this reconfiguration.


(n)ever-changing|David Williams

Location: Citadel Bookstore (41 Montrose Terrace, in Abbeyhill Edinburgh EH7 5DJ)

More Information: http://davidwilliamsphotographer.com/

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