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(in)secure shelter

英國愛丁堡 Edinburgh, UK, 2019

空間裝置 Spacial Installation

在一個完全黑暗的空間中,懸掛著許多麻繩,《(in)secure shelter》讓觀眾體驗到了拉諾克黑森林(Black Wood of Rannoch)中的林木質感。這件作品巧妙地創造了當時遊走在黑森林裡的心理體驗,並利用繩索的不同密度,製造出各種植物之間的空間感。在麻繩繩索上沾附了來自黑森林的溪水,以模擬樹林中的濕度。此外,灑落在地面上的落葉和松果也源於黑森林。

‘(in)secure shelter’ is a physical representation of the psychological experience in the Black Wood of Rannoch.


The work is installed in a completely dark space, hanging numerous hemp ropes inside of the room, which represents the texture of the woods. The different densities of ropes imitated the sense of space between various plants in the woods. In addition, the brook water from the Black Wood was sprinkled on the ropes to simulate the humidity in the woods. Fallen leaves and pinecones are spilt on the ground, which also originated from the Black Wood.

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