(in)secure shelter

envelop, Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK, 2019

Hemp ropes, Leaves, Brook Water, Dimensions Variable

secure (a.) 

1.  a place that is certain to remain safe and unthreatened;

2.  where is difficult to get out of or escape from.

How to replicate anxiety? ​The most intuitive way is to deprive people's vision. People are so apart from their vision that is easily trapped in unknown fear when they can't see anything.

The work is a physical representation of seeking inspiration in the midst of anxiety. The space is completely dark and hanged numerous hemp ropes in it, which represent the texture of the Black Wood and the psychological entanglement. In addition, the denseness of ropes is used to imitate the sense of space of various plants in the woods.

Exploring the space.JPG
Spectator in the (in)secure shelter.JPG
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