A Continuation of Autumn, Geddes Garden, Edinburgh, UK, 2020

Mirror glass, 90×90 cm 

“The mirror functions as a heterotopia in the respect that it renders this place that I occupy at the moment when I look at myself in the looking glass at once absolutely real, connected with all the space that surrounds it, and absolutely unreal.” (Michel Foucault, 2008)

The concept of here/there is not only extended to the meaning of duplication and reproduction of the "wildlife reserve" but the relationship between humans and nature through collective experiences. When sitting on the chair and looking in the two mirrors, spectators and the environment share the same experience together across time. The presence and participation of audiences are important elements in the process of the artwork, not only as viewers but also as thinkers (or makers).

As a continuation of previous artwork, the concept of the work will be extended to the meaning of duplication and reproduction of the "wildlife reserve" and human interference in the city, and further, discuss the relationship between humans and nature. Wildlife reserve is an important but vulnerable oasis, continuously remind people of what natural environment should be while the city is highly-developed. The wildlife reserve is like a utopia, a beautiful and unreal place exists in our ideal.

While sitting in front of the mirror and looking at the reflection: human beings are immersed in the natural environment - which is relatively natural but fundamentally artificial. Forced we begin to think the Utopia in front of us, in the mirror, and in our imagination.


Film of the Scene

Audiences' Reaction

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