Art as Experience


If experience, the progression of time and the change of space, can be accumulated or displayed in human consciousness, then, is the approach leading us to a meaning that is one step further than normal daily life?


"Art as Experience" discusses the process by which organisms consciously perceive the world around us through the practices I have made in the past year. Additionally, it transforms how people share a period of time with others in a certain place, into an artistic language in the present. Furthermore, in the process of interaction between people and the environment, various possibilities of random triggering are explored.

Artworks List:

a. Apple Calendar

b. The Path of De-anxiety

c. Dialogue: From Time to Time

d. Smoking is not the Aim

e. here/there

f. The (missing) Anthropocene

g. (in)secure shelter

h. Displaced


a. Art as Experience

b. Reflective Writing