"As creators, we have spent a period of time in a specific location, shared an experience with other people and transformed it into artistic language to present it."

Tzu-Yun Liang (b. 1992) is an environmental artist. Her works create dynamic experiences of time, space, and critical thinking through installation, text and mixed media. Liang’s practices have been focusing on the rhythm and flow of spaces. Her works presented in numerous venue across the UK, Taiwan and beyond. She is currently studying in MA Art, Space & Nature at University of Edinburgh.  


Liang’s previous works discussed the process of organisms consciously perceive the world around people. She always believes that when an idea is developed, the artwork is created, then it is no longer attached to the artist. For her, the most intriguing part of art is the diverse approach and the uncertain outcome - that is, in the process of interaction between people and the environment, various possibilities of random triggering are explored.



'Till We Meet Again IRL', Asia-Art-Activism, Online Exhibition, 2020

'Urban Ecology', IUCN, Marseille, France, 2020 (postponed)

'A Continuation Of Autumn', Geddes Garden, Edinburgh, UK, 2020

'envelop', Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK, 2019

'By Leaves We Live', Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK, 2019

'NTU ArtFest', Exhibition Hall of Liberal Education Classroom Building, Taipei, Taiwan, 2014


ESALA Art Space and Nature Prize for 2019-20


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